Articles by Owen Dell

Sustainable Landscaping

Building Neighborhood Foodsheds
Download the PDF file

The Sustainable Garden
There’s something terribly wrong with gardens

Understanding The Basics
The basics of sustainable landscaping...materials, water, chemicals, others.

The Thirteen Deadly Syndromes
Symptoms and cures for the most common landscaping syndromes

Inputs And Outputs In A Sustainable Landscape
Reduction of inputs and outputs is the key

Urban Waste Stream
Tapping the urban waste stream for useful materials.

Towards A Sustainable Landscape
Feature editorial printed in the Santa Barbara News Press

Poisonous Plants

The Big Ten
Southern California Plants Seriously Poisonous to Humans

List Of Poisonous Plants
Poisonous Plants Commonly Occurring in Southern California



Pervious Concrete
Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Facts

The New Watershed
A Fresh Look at the Hidden Opportunities in Urban Runoff


Fire Checklist
Use this checklist to evaluate the fire safety of your landscaping

Landscaping For Wildfires
Landscaping in high fire hazard areas

Irrigation and Water Management

Drip Irrigation
Basics of drip irrigation systems

What To Do In A Drought
What you can do in a drought situation

The Water Use Of Plants
A primer on how different plant types use water


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